My Cast Picks for Delirium!

These are the actors that I think would be perfect for roles in Delirium for the film, which is anticipated for production!!

(Note: This would be the cast if you could mix and match the best from the Young Adult/Fantasy world.)

Lena – played by Lily Collins (The Mortal Instruments, The Blind Side)

Hana – played by Dianna Agron (Glee star)

Alex – played by Tom Felton (Harry Potter)

Rachel – Played by Emma Watson (Harry Potter)

Gracie – Played by Savannah Paige Rae (Parenthood)

Jenny – played by Elle Fanning (We Bought a Zoo, Super 8)

Aunt Carol – played by Nicole Kidman (The Golden Compass, Moulin Rouge, The Others)

Lena’s Mother – played by Amy Adams (Enchanted, Doubt)

Anyway, hope you like my picks!

Until next time,

I love you. Remember. They cannot take it.


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