Fan Cast: Who Could Play Alex?

There have been a few suggestions as to who could play Alex Sheaths. I’ve seen actors as old as 25 years old suggested to play that role, so obviously you are willing to have someone older to play someone who’s quite a bit younger. But this happens very often in Hollywood because usually the role demands an experienced actor to play characters that have emotional depth, and many movie characters have a lot of emotional depth. That is, unless you want your movie to not be successful.

I’ve put up a list of actors that could possibly be offered or audition for the role, if this book were to become a movie. You might not like the suggestions listed, so go ahead and put who you think would be good for the role.

And here are the possible actors:

Alexander Ludwig - to be seen as Cato in The Hunger Games

Alexander Ludwig – His biggest movie to date will be The Hunger Games, in which he plays the movie’s main antagonist, Cato. His one movie where he played the sole lead character was not very good, so it’s questionable whether he can actually play a lead role again.


Alex Pettyfer - recently seen in Beastly and I Am Number Four

Alex Pettyfer– He is always on these lists for male lead roles because, frankly, he is very good looking. However, not only is he in his mid-20s, is his

brooding too much for this character?


Avan Jogia - seen in TV series Victorious

Avan Jogia – More known for being on Nickelodeon, can he carry a major lead role? And is his look too different for mainstream?



Callan McAuliffe - recently seen in I Am Number Four

Callan McAuliffe – Last seen in I Am Number Four in a sidekick role, his upcoming role as the young Jay Gatsby in the remake of The Great Gatsbycould be his biggest role to date. He’s also the closest in age to the character.


Chord Overstreet - recently seen in TV series Glee

Chord Overstreet – Also another guy in mid-20s, but he’s known for playing a high schooler in the TV series, Glee. Without the singing and dancing, it would be interesting to see him in a role such as this.


Jeremy Sumpter - recently seen in Soul Surfer



Jeremy Sumpter – He played adorable Peter Pan in 2003, and was in Friday Night Lights. He hasn’t had a lead role since Pan, but he has an appealing look for the character.


Liam Hemsworth - to be seen as Gale in The Hunger Games

Liam Hemsworth – This may be quite a longshot considering his busy schedule already, what with The Hunger Games, and all the other film projects in between, but this is a fan cast, so vote for him if you want to!


Lucas Till - recently seen in X-Men: First Class

Lucas Till – Played Havok in X-Men: First Class. He seems okay.




Taylor Lautner - most known as Jacob Black in the Twilight saga

Taylor Lautner – I have a problem with his acting. He talks low, almost whispering his lines, and after seeing him in Abduction, I would leave the tweens to fill up the seats in the theaters if they so wish.


Tom Felton - most recognizable as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series

Tom Felton – Another mid-20 aged actor that’s well liked for any role that calls for someone highly likable in looks and demeanor. However, I don’t know if he’s looking to delve into another young adult role after 10 years of Harry Potter. Well, I suppose as long as he doesn’t have to color his hair, he might go for it.


23 responses to “Fan Cast: Who Could Play Alex?

  1. You have to pick zac efron because he is so sexy and a really good actor and would make a really good alex and im sick of taylor lautner.

    • Zac Efron would be a good choice, but when I was reading I was picturing Drake Bell as Alex. The hair totally has to be the color of Autumn leaves, and Taylor’s hair looks more like burnt leaves!

  2. I think Noah Centineo would make a great Alex. When Alex is described in the book, I always think of Noah. Just incase no one knows who Noah is, he plays the role of “Dallas” is The show, Austin and Ally.

  3. Isn’t Alex supposed to be dark-skinned?

    He’s described as having “caramel skin”; Lena references his “dark hands” often; and I think on multiple occasions she refers to his “dark silhouette” from a distance. Maybe I read it wrong, but I definitely pictured his as darker-skinned Hispanic.

    • Omggg me too!!!! I don’t want Taylor Lautner to be Alex but the guy would need to look like his skin tone and stuff all these blue eyed white boys with blonde hair are totally wrong what the hell? Maybe for Julian but we need someone darker for Alex?

    • A dark silhouette is when you see someone far away. Like if someone was standing in front of a sunset they would be a black silhouette πŸ™‚ but you’re right he seems to me to be like really tanned, ya know?

  4. Alex Pettyfer because his looks are quite classy, his personality would deffinitaly fit with Alex from delirium, his accent comes along very well too (:

  5. For me it’s Jeremy Sumpter! IDK why but he was the one who came to mind while I was reading Delirium πŸ˜€ so I’d love him to be Alex.

  6. Isint Alex supposed to be really tan with like golden hair and amber eyes? He sounds more like someone of mixed decent

  7. I think that Alex Pettyfer or Lucas Till should play the part of Alex but I think Alex pettyfer would also make a good Julian for the second movie. Lilly Collins would be a phenomenal Lena. ❀

  8. I have read through this book a many times. My copy of it has been highlited and side notes have been written in it to the extreme. And what I have found is that whoever would play Alex would have to be a dynamic actor. He has to be sly and cunning (in the beginning as to hide his identity) but also have a weakness for love and compassion, never giving up on those he cares for. Dying for them. Alex is described in the book as being dark, but due to his hair color, and the fact that Lena is white (based in the book cover) I have to believe that Alex is a well tanned man. Hana is described as caramel skinned at one point in the book as well after Lena finds out that she has been tanning. Physically, in all reality I really do not care what Alex looks like as long as he can portray the dynamics of the character we have all come to love, thank you Alex for infecting me with the disease!

  9. I actually picture Justin Bieber as Alex, and although I love the Biebs, I would probably boycot the movie if he were cast because I don’t find his acting skills to be…top-knotch. I feel that Jeremy Sumpter or Lucas Till (but mostly Jeremy Sumpter) could make great Alexes if they dyed their hair and wore colored contacts.

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