Delirium Is Heading to the BIG screen!

Invalids and Uncured, Delirium is coming to the big screen!

Deadline Reports that Fox 2000 has purchased the screen rights to Lauren Oliver’s New York Times Best-Selling Novel Delirium.

Here’s the article;

“Elizabeth Gabler’s Fox 2000, one of the more prolific studio book buyers, has closed a deal for screen rights on Delirium, the Lauren Oliver novel which hit the New York Times bestseller list for children’s books in its first week of release. At the same time, Fox 2000 has a first look on all future books written by Oliver, and has signed a first look deal with Paper Lantern Lit, the company that Oliver co-founded, for titles generated under that banner.  Delirium was originally optioned by producer Paula Mazur and Miami bookseller Mitchell Kaplan through their Mazur Kaplan Company.”

Oliver wrote Before I Fall, the story of a high school girl who relive’s her last day on earth. That book was adapted for Fox 2000 by Maria Maggenti and is being produced by Jon Shestack. Fox 2000’s Carla Hacken is supervising both projects.

This means that In addition to Fox 2000 buying the screen rights for Delirium they have also signed a deal with Paper Lantern Lit, where more of the authors work could some day make it was to our screens. Pandemonium and Requiem anyone?

So fellows, we would like to hear your perfect cast for Delirium? Who is your perfect Alex? Lena? and Hana? Let us know.

Live Free or Die x


3 responses to “Delirium Is Heading to the BIG screen!

  1. I think Alex Pettyfer for Alex 🙂 Ashely Benson for Hana or freya mavor. But for Lena i have no clue.

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