The Countdown to Pandemonium!

With less than a week to go until the release of the anticipated Pandemonium, the book reviews from the lucky readers who got their hands on copies early are flooding the internet!

Bellow is a review from HarperCollins. I advise you if you do not want to know anything about Pandemonium to stop reading here. Spoiler Alert.


At the end of Delirium, Lena manages to escape to the Wilds leaving Alex behind, presumably dead. In Pandemonium, Lena’s narrative switches between “now” and “then”. In the past, the story continues directly after the escape. We find out how Lena was saved by Raven and a group of Invalids in Rochester. The present is two years on and Lena is in New York City and a covert member of the resistance. She is once again left to her own devices when a government meeting is intercepted and she’s captured by an antagonist group of Invalids – Scavengers. It is here where Lena meets Julian and is forced to choose between grieving for Alex forever or moving on with her life.

Pandemonium is less dystopian romance and more traditional dystopia/survival story. We follow Lena through two years of her life as she discovers the truth about Invalids and struggles to survive without the comforts of abundant food, water and warmth. We’re introduced to a (mostly) friendly bunch of Invalids – Raven, Hunter, Sarah, Blue, Tack and others, and we hear astonishing, poignant stories of how they ended up living together.

Lena grows throughout the book. I enjoyed discovering more about her personality as she becomes more self-aware and adept. Lena becomes a strong character who can not only get herself out of a dangerous situation, but does it with style. Pandemonium is grittier and more horrifying than Delirium was because Lena is no longer naive. I liked that there is a stronger sense of resistance in this novel. It’s common for there to be talk of wanting to take down those in charge and change the laws in YA dystopian novels, but in Pandemonium there is action and the group certainly get stuff done. I also welcomed the inclusion of Julian, who I judged right from the start but it turned out I underestimated him, and the comfort he provides Lena.

I have to be honest and say that there was one main problem that I had with the book. Pandemonium suffers slightly from ‘middle book syndrome’. Although in most cases it can hold its own –  it’s a wonderfully dramatic, moving story – there were two particular events that felt like they were included purely as a set-up for the third book, even though could have been addressed now, and I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed the book more than Delirium.

Pandemonium is a solid sequel that’s full of suspenseful and heart-wrenching twists, with an epic ending that will guarantee that readers will be desperate to pick up the third and final book, Requiem. Pandemonium will be released 28th February in the USA and 1st March in the UK.

So my fellow Invalids and Uncured, what are your thoughts on this? and has it made you more excited? Or left you feeling disappointed? Let us know.

Until next time,

Live Free or Die.


2 responses to “The Countdown to Pandemonium!

  1. I’m quite disappointed that Oliver killed off Alex, I was so sure that he had just been captured! Although, I suppose if she’s introduced a new male lead, then it seems unlikely that Alex survived, which kind of takes away from the whole ‘love conquers all’ theme that came across in Delirium. If Alex is gone and Lena has moved on that soon from what we were lead to believe was the love of her life, then it definitely detracts from their story in the first novel.
    However, I am quite excited for a more action packed story than the first novel, it will be good to see the resistance rising up and trying to take back control!

  2. I am still holding out hope that Alex has been captured, I just cant accept that he is dead. In a review I also read it stated that there is a huge twist, and it is setting it up for Requim, so I may be “delusional” but I am living in hope that Alex did survive and he is making his way back.

    Also I have my fingers crossed for Grace, I am still upset she got left behind. Alone.

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