Pandemonium Hits The Shelves

Well fellows, today was the day we have been anxiously waiting for! Pandemonium hit the shelves and was officially in our lives!

For my part I sat anxiously waiting for my post man to arrive having had it on order from Amazon. Naturally on a day I was so excited for, my post man ran late, and I did not receive my copy until three this afternoon. I am now writing this at ten thirty, having read Pandemonium cover to cover! I shan’t give anything away, I would not wish to spoil the wonderful joy of a book we have been so eager for. But. I shall express my thoughts on the book. Vaguely.

I feel it did suffer from middle book syndrome, and was setting up a lot for Requiem, but that does not mean I did not enjoy, quite contrary, I was absorbed into it, as I was with Delirium. Lauren Oliver once again transported us into the world, describing characters and surrounding with her magical way with words, once again I could imagine everything she said, and could feel the emotions through the pages. I am now however, having finished it, feeling lost and full of eagerness for Requiem, and full questions that I need answers too.

I have many thoughts to the way Requiem will turn out, but I shall save them for a later post, when I feel I can speak more freely about Pandemonium when you have read it.

For now my fellows, I shall bid you good day, and I look forward to the comments here of your thoughts on Pandemonium. Did it match your expectations? what are your thoughts and feelings towards the new characters? and what do you want to happen next? I know what I want.

Until next time…. Live free or die.


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