A Pandemonium Review

The website ForeverYoungAdult have posted a book review of Lauren Oliver’s highly anticipated Pandemonium. The review is told in a teen fan girl state so I shall try my best to keep this brief, but if you so wish you may follow the above link to read the full review.

The review first details about the obvious similarities in the Covers of Delirium and Pandemonium. The review states “Obviously, this cover was made to mirror the paperback of “Delirium, which also features a BIG FACE surrounded by plants. I’m guessing this is a nod to Lena being in the Wild”

This has not been confirmed by Lauren Oliver, but we can presume it is a valid guess with Lena making the transition from what the state dictates and being trapped, to being free and unruled in the wild.

The review then moves on to give some detail of the book’s plot stating:

Even though we’ve had to wait an entire effing year to find out what happened after the end of “Delirum,” for Lena, only a few moments have passed. After Alex was shot at the border fence, she was forced to keep running, deeper and deeper into the Wilds, until she was luckily rescued by a group of Invalids, aka people who refuse to be cured. The first half of the book alternates between Lena’s slow recovery in the Wilds and her subsequent undercover mission in New York City, where she poses as a devoted member of Deliria-Free-America (DFA). Beyond listening and observing, Lena’s not sure what she’s supposed to do, until the day she’s told to follow Julian Fineman, the DFA founder’s son. And then… all hell breaks loose.”

[imageframe width=300 height=453 pattern=”1″ align=”left” alt=””]http://www.deliriumfandom.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Pandemonium.jpg[/imageframe]

Pandemonium picks up directly from where Delirium ends, and the readers are left wondering if Alex survived. The alternating from Past to present can at first be confusing, but it gives a detail insight as to what has gone on in the run up to Lena living in New York and being undercover for the resistance. It is setting up the story if you will.

The review then looks into the arrival of Julian, and his impact upon Lena and the relationship that should exist between then and what the reality is turning out to be. From my personal point of view I disagree with the review here, it states; “Lena and Julian are forced to get to know each other in a deliciously torturous manner, and the fact that Lena is more experienced in the ways of deliria than Julian ups the SEXAY to smoldering levels.” Personally I never warmed to Julian, and would like to hear your thoughts to this in the comments please. Are you a team Julian?

Continuing down the interview it comments on Lauren Oliver’s wonderful creative skills with words;  “If you’ve read Before I Fall or Delirium, you already know that Oliver’s style is achingly emotional and gorgeously compelling. Her words float up from the page and surround you until you feel like you’ve actually become a physical part of the book. But while her writing remains beautiful, Oliver really picked up the pace for “Pandemonium,” resulting in a seriously heart-pounding whirlwind of action and suspense.” This I whole heartily agree with, Lauren Oliver is a captivating writer, and you a sucked into the world she weaves around you completely.

We here at the Delirium Fandom would love to hear your thoughts regarding this review, the full thing can be found here. Do you agree with review? or do you have your own thoughts and opinions? we would love to hear them.

Until next time. Live free or die.


12 responses to “A Pandemonium Review

  1. I mostly agree with your opinions. But I have mixed feelings about Julian. I feel happy that he was brought to the Wilds, but he does not belong with Lena. I couldn’t connect to him romantically. TEAM ALEX!!!!

  2. I tried to give Julian a chance but every moment he spent with Lena just made me miss Alex more. Alex showed/taught Lena how to love. He has a part of her heart that no one else ever will.
    I will now slowly go crazy waiting for the third book to come out 🙂

  3. Ashleigh, I felt the same. Once I read there had been a mass break out from the crypts I just knew he was going to come back. Lena truely believed he had died however so I cant really blame her for not jumping to the conclusion that Alex might have been in the escape. But still my mind went straight there. Also when Lena was looking through the record book, if she had just thought of Alex right there and looked up his name, she would have known, he was alive and had escaped.

    I dislike the way Pandemonium ended, it makes it seam that Alex is now bitter, I only hope him and Lena work it out and get back together, as for Julian, well I dislike him, so he could maybe get with my other dislike character, Hana, as i am sure she will come back.

  4. I am team ALEX!! Julian is nice, but that’s all I can say. She should have just realized that Alex was in the Crypts in the beginning, because she should have known that the society lies after finding out about her mother.

  5. Ah but Carly can we really blame Lena for not jumping to the conclusion that Alex was in the crytps? As far as she was aware she saw him being shot, then when she reached the wilds and Ravens group she told him that a boy had been shot and killed… she wasnt trusting society she was trusting what she thought she saw and her new friends.

  6. Seriously. the end was just CRUEL. we can’t blame Lena for falling to Julian though, he in fact brought Lena to life again (oh, you know what I mean). But if we’re talking about Alex here, DAMN IT, Lena should pick him for goodness sake. So for another torture-of-a-year it’s Lena’s decision to make in Requiem… “and the rest of the world could go to hell”

    • Well I have a hunch that Hana will come back and some how Julian and Hana will end up together and Lena will be back with Alex and happy. But I dont think it will be an easy ride for them in Requiem, there will be fights, and alot of hurt feelings and emotions that they dont know how to deal with. But I am sure, and holding onto the belief that Lena and Alex belong together, and having a whole book without him for me was horrible, and I missed him x

  7. We have to remember than Lena was two different people when she met Alex and when she met Julian. Alex’s death, along with having to harden herself to adapt to the Wilds, changed her. And then Julian changed her, too, into “the girl I pledged to become”, the girl she wanted to be, when she risked everything trying to save him again. Whereas Alex was always the hero, always the one who came to Lena’s rescue, I honestly do think that Lena and Julian saved each other, like he said when they’d gotten out of the tunnels. That’s what makes me like Lena and Julian so much. They were broken, and they healed each other.

    It’s the same but also the opposite of Alex and Lena’s relationship. First it was Lena who was scared and so deeply indoctrinated and Alex who showed her how to love. Then it was Lena who showed Julian. Lena was a stronger person when she met Julian, and that’s another reason why I like their relationship.

    It’s going to be so interesting to see how Alex has changed in the last book, because in that last little snippet you can tell he has. The chemistry and tension that’s going to go on between the three of them has me going crazy thinking about it. Ultimately, and as much as I like Julian, I think Lena’s love for Alex runs deeper. And I think somehow Julian will recognize that and let her go, because his love for her is just so real. BUT MY GOD, WHY DOES THIS BOOK HAVE TO COME OUT IN 2013? I’m going to die waiting for it, this love triangle is just going to be so good!

  8. When I finished Delirium I had a little hope that Alex was still alive, then on Delirium when Lena was talking to Raven she asked for him? and Raven stood quiet… and I thought he really died. it broke my heart into pieces.. Then this whole thing ’bout Julian happens! did not liked it at all.. I was da whole time thinking of Alex lol .. of course she was moving on which is good. At the end I was very SURPRISED to find out he was back… He’s been tortured probably and when he sees she’s with other dude. It must be devastating Of course I don’t know how the story is going to turn out.. but I’m definitely TeamAlex

  9. I HATE Julian!!!!! I couldn’t connect with him at all, he no way does not beat Alex in any way shape or form. In 2013 Julian ur goin down!!!!!!!!!!! ALEX FOREVER!!!!

  10. I’m right there with you on this one. Delirium I loved (and yes I was upset but I also just refused to beleive Alex was dead), but this one definitely fell into the middle book syndrome . I was really dare I say? Bored? Until the last 50 or 75 pages. I just wanted her to GET ON WITH IT.Sandyb4s last post ..

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