’s Exclusive Interview with Lauren Oliver, Part 2!

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Time for Part 2 of our interview with Lauren Oliver!

Today, we’re covering all of the questions we have about Pandemonium! That is, everything short of “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US?!”


The section of the interview talks about all the juicy details of Pandemonium, so if you have not yet read every single page of this thrilling book, DO NOT READ THIS PART OF THE INTERVIEW! It is riddled with spoilers!

Already read it? Click the “Continue Reading” link to get all the details!

You are the master of heartbreaking cliffhangers! Do you feel a bit bad leaving fans on the edge of their seats for roughly a year at a time or do you think it adds to the overall story?
The book had to end that way—I’d always intended for it to end that way. I feel badly that people must wait a year—I initially wrote “Hana” partly to appease fans who wanted more of the world, of the characters—and I can imagine that I might attempt a similar e-novella to keep readers appeased. But I do think hungering for a book is never a bad thing, as painful as it might seem!

Now that we know Lena’s mother is alive and part of the resistance, can we expect for her to play a bigger role in Lena’s life?
No comment! 🙂 But I’d be surprised if we have seen the last of her.

Did you anticipate uneasiness from readers with the introduction of Julian and the love triangle element?
Oh, yes, certainly. But it bothers me when people refer to it as a “love triangle.” I’d prefer that people wait until the third book to see the way that things shake out!

We are both elated and crushed by the return of Alex, given the circumstances. Is it safe to say that he’s changed just as much as Lena, if not more?
Oh, absolutely. He has had some dark, dark times.

In Pandemonium, Lena is stuck in between who she was and who she will become. Can we expect a more defined woman in Requiem?
That is a beautiful way of phrasing it. And yes, in Requiem, I think that we (and she!) learns exactly who she will be.


26 responses to “’s Exclusive Interview with Lauren Oliver, Part 2!

  1. SHE HAS TO BE WITH ALEX I will never sleep again if shes with Julian. In all honesty, I hate Julian. I don’t want to pity my knight in shining armor. I think Julian should turn out to became bad guy or something. I absolutely love Alex and I think I will die if Lena chooses Julian. Team ALEX!!!!!!!

    • I think i like Alex better too, but Lauren said, “he has been through some very dark days.” I hope he is still the Alex we know and love!

    • I don’t hate Julian, but I don’t particularly like him and I agree, I’ll be super mad (am ALREADY super mad at Lena… seriously, your boyfriend just died – well, you THINK he just died anyway – maybe show some respect for him and wait a bit longer before moving on to the next guy!) if she chooses to stay with Julian… ugh!

  2. Lena must be with Alex!!!!!!! I don’t know how I will survive a year without reading Requiem!!!!! I can’t wait until it comes out!!!

  3. I know i’m not the first person to say this but… I can’t wait until Requiem is released!!! Lauren Oliver surely knows how to leave people hanging… I really hope Lena ends up with Alex, although i don’t like a bit the fact that he’s changed…OMG seriously i need to know what will happen!!

  4. I think Tack is Julien’s brother. They have the same favourite book…….. (great expectations)

  5. I still can’t believe she did that to us. I don’t think I can last till the next book is released. I still don’t know what to think of Julian. I love Alex- How can she so quickly go from him. I mean she wanted to be with him forever, and still he was the first boy she ever got close it. (Literally.)

  6. I can’t read the 2nd book after hearing spoilers. I love Alex too much and I hate the idea of another love interest. I’m going to wait until the 3rd book comes out to see who she ends up with before I go back and read Pandemonium.

    • I agree. I actually plan on just ignoring my 2nd book until the 3rd one is out. I just cringed at the thought of having Lena with someone who isn’t Alex after everything he did for her. When the 3rd book’s out, I’m reading from the start of the 1st book (I’d probably read Hana’s side while I’m at it) down to the third! 🙂

  7. i will SO die if she is with julian! team Alex all the way! alex is who she is ment to be with, and julian should become like her relitive or something like that that would make it so her and alex have to be together!

    • Haha, it’d be pretty gross if they turned out to be related since they’ve already made out a couple of times…

  8. Love triangles always kill me, and I really want Lena to be with Alex because that’s obviously how it should be since he’s her ‘first love’ and everything, but I was actually really confused and kind of hurt when the first words he said to her when he’s reintroduced is “Don’t believe her”. I was just like ‘what?’. I know being in the Crypts has changed him and seeing her with Julian is a blow, but for me Lena has done nothing towards Alex intentionally for him to say those words in an accusing manner. She didn’t ‘fall in love’ with Julian intentionally, she thought Alex was dead, so I’m still confused, anyone care to explain? I’ve literally reread the last 2 pages over and over and I’m still stumped. March needs to come FASTER!!

  9. Come on, guys. I want to hear some actual reasons other than “I WANT HER TO BE WITH ALEX” for why you hate Julian. He’s a well-written character with human character flaws. I’ve seen people say that they didn’t like how he acted when Lena told him what she was, but I think people need to get in the character’s head a little bit before passing an ultimate judgement. I like both Alex and Julian for very different reasons.
    In the end, she needs to figure herself out first and foremost. I just want her to make the best long-term decision, even if that means neither of them (which probs isn’t going to happen, let’s face it).

  10. I do not know what to think. I love alex, I’m alex team until the end. but, I think lena is with Julian. he could stay with Hanna, I know that she’s cured, but who knows. OMG. so lauren talked about the dark past of Alex, and he changed. I want to cry. Lauren goes well show us that the world is like, you can love more than one person and everything. sorry for my English. I’m from Brazil.

  11. I really hope that she doesn’t leave us hanging again like this in Requiem. The entire thing was like, really now? I had to re-read that last section so many times just to actually believe it was there. Does anyone know when its coming out?

  12. “Oh, yes, certainly. But it bothers me when people refer to it as a “love triangle.” I’d prefer that people wait until the third book to see the way that things shake out!”

    NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.NO. She can’t do this! At least give us a fair battle! I like both guys and I’d hate for one to be pushed to the side. I’m Team Julian for the most part, and I’m afraid by how things are going that he’ll be the one pushed aside with out even a chance. Why do I always fall for the Underdog? I’m cursed.

  13. I for one, am dying to read Requiem. I loved Alex in Delirium but it’s kind of hard not to fall for Julian’s charm. I’m going to wait for Requiem to come out and see how the events unfold. I think that Lena needs to figure out who she is, and what’s really important to her before making any sort of decision. But, as I said, I’ll just sit back and wait for the book to come out, and see how this all turns out.

  14. I HATE Julian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my eyes, he is some spoiled pampered crybaby!!! If Lena dosent end up with Alex I will drown in my own tears!!!!!! I’m also seriusly ticked at Lena for not having any faith for Alex and just moving on like that. If Lauren writes another novella it must be Alex!!!!!!!!!!

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