Vote For Delirium in The 5th Annual Tournament of Audiobooks!

Like it listen to your books when you’re too busy to read? Now is the time to say thank you! is currently hosting The Tournament of Audiobooks, a March Madness-style tournament in which fans pick their favorite listening experiences to be honored! This year, the audiobook version of Delirium narrated by Sarah Drew (who also stars on Grey’s Anatomy) duking it out in the Editor’s Pick category!

The audiobook may be starting off in the 8 seed, but we have a funny feeling that it will be a stronger competitor than they expected!

Want to here the first chapter of the Delirium audiobook FOR FREE? Go to the Tournament of Audiobooks! Simply click the View Matchup button, then the link says Try the First Chapter Free!

Voting for Round 1 ends Monday, so hurry up and get your vote in quick!


One response to “Vote For Delirium in The 5th Annual Tournament of Audiobooks!

  1. Recent technology has encouraged the proliferation of free audiobooks that take works from the public domain and enlist volunteers to read them. Audiobooks also can be created with text to speech computer software, although the quality of synthesized speech may suffer by comparison to recordings by a human voice.;^’,

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