Lauren Oliver has new book coming out!

On Tuesday the 17th of April Lauren Oliver officially announced that she has a new book for release entitled “Rooms” The due date for the book is in the Fall of 2014 and it is her first adult novel!

The New York Times stated;
Lauren Oliver, the 29-year-old author of best-selling teenage novels, will write her first novel for an adult audience, her publisher said on Thursday. Ecco, part of HarperCollins, has acquired “Rooms,” which will be released in fall 2014. Lee Boudreaux, who will edit the book, said it was “as instantly gripping as it was elegantly written, filled with characters and predicaments I still can’t get out of my head a week later.”

Here is what Lauren had to say about it all;

“First is the opportunity to work with Ecco, which has housed so many amazing writers and books (such as Russell Banks, a personal favorite). It’s just an unbelievable honor to be edited by such a deeply literary imprint.

 Secondly: as previously described, ROOMS will be my first published novel officially for adults! (I say “officially” because 1) my teen books have many wonderful and dedicated adult fans and 2) I hope many of the teens who have read and loved my other books will find pleasure in reading ROOMS). While I love writing for young adult and middle grade readers – and will continue to do so – I’ve always wanted to work in as many genres, and for as many ages, as possible. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to really embrace this as a really fun challenge, and push myself creatively. I think the best way to keep yourself growing and learning as an artist is to constantly explore and try new things, and I’m just so psyched to do that with this book!”
So what do you think loyal Delirium fans? Will you rush out to buy this new Novel on release day?




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