Lauren Oliver Talks Delirium Movie!

Lauren Oliver recently stated that she had read the first draft of the Delirium Movie script. She states

I felt the script was remarkably faithful to the book, which is fascinating, because it managed to condense 400-ish pages into a slender, moving, and breakneck-paced script of about, I don’t know, 120 pages

It got me thinking. So…did I use too many words as I was writing it? Would it have been possible for me to lop the book in thirds? Or is the script too condensed, too crystallized–is it missing key elements?
The answer to both questions is, I think, no. Film is a visual medium. That means its tools, is language, is totally different from the tools I employ as a novel writer. And maybe that’s why I’ve never really “feared” that something would get lost in translation. I mean, yes, bad movie adaptations happen, but I think that in order for books to become good movies, they must transform. Being faithful to the book must mean that you are willing, onscreen, to depart from what was on the page. Just like any other translation, sometimes in order to preserve the spirit, you must alter things structurally, grammatically. And film has a far different grammar than fiction.
When I re-read the Delirium script, I realized that certain things had really changed. I hadn’t noticed these alterations on first read because the script felt like a faithful interpretation to me. The spirit was there, and that’s what’s important to preserve.”

As yet there are no confirmed cast members but this is one step closer to seeing Delirium on the big screen!



19 responses to “Lauren Oliver Talks Delirium Movie!

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  2. I love the book and I really hope I fall in love with the Lena and Alex like I did the book ❤

  3. I can’t wait for it to become a movie!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH I’m soooooo excited!!!!!! I just hope the cast is perfect!!!! Does anyone know when this movie is scheduled to come out?

  4. I really want the movie to come out, I fell in total love with the book and its like so sad at the end. I’ve also read Pandemonium and its like so good! oh mee goshhh.. I love your books! I wish i was in the movie but I’m only 12 =3=;; I can’t wait for the movie to be out!!! Come onnn this isss awesomeeee! >_< *^^*

    • I want to be Sarah. Shes about 12 isnt she? i cant be Lena cause im only 12! i love the books anyway!

  5. OMG! i’m re-reading the book again and cant wait for a movie! if they get the feel accross that the book does it will be beutiful.
    Chapter 6: He showed me his smile and went strait for my heart…

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