Random Pandemonium Review from Tumblr

Sometimes, it’s fun to see what fans are saying. We spotted this intriguing review on Tumblr and figured it was worth sharing. It comes courtesy of crookedusage.tumblr.com:

As I suspected the second book in this trilogy was absolutely fantastic. Delirium was good but it spent a lot of time building the world and setting everything up. In the first book Lena slowly comes to realize that the world she lives in is wrong, her government are lying to her and love is not the disease she believed it to be. In Pandemonium the story becomes far more complex and mature as Lena comes to terms with her new beliefs and reality.

The genius of Lauren Oliver’s idea really shows in this book and the full implications of the cure for love become apparent. We also get to see much more of the country and get a wider view of the struggle going on between the government and the resistance. Oliver also really develops her main character, Lena and I found myself becoming very attached to her and invested in her life. In the first book Lena was innocent and mostly unaware of the wrongs of her world, in this book she has grown up and fought to gain her freedom and the ability to make her own life choices. After reading Pandemonium I could compare this series favourably to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger games, although the story and setting is more complex and Lena is certainly a more complicated character. If you loved The Hunger Games and are looking for something similar to read I can highly recommend this particularly if like me you’d like something with a bit more depth.

We agree with a lot of what crookedusage says, especially in regards to Lena’s development.


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