Lauren Oliver Writing Challenge!

Calling all Delirium fans! Following the success of Lauren Oliver’s Spindlers writing challenge, the author herself has come up with the fantastic idea of writing a short story with her fans! In her own words this is how it will work;

“today I’m going to post the opening paragraph of a middle grade story. You guys will have a week to submit your ideas for the next 200 words of the story to I’ll pick the one I think works the best, post it…and then we’ll keep repeating the process!

Occasionally, I might put some of my own writing into the story, or give you a specific feedback if I think the story is faltering or needs more action or more context or whatever. We’ll aim for a FULL story, of about 5,000 words, that makes SENSE.  This will be a real collaboration: a group narrative that we all shape together.”
The first paragraph of the story is as follows;
Molly Lampart’s 12th birthday was much like every other day, only more boring: first tea with the governess and a posed photograph with her parents, then a procession of girls who giggled and brought china dolls wrapped in pink paper, despite the fact that Molly hated pink and that most of her dolls ended up dissected for medical research purposes. There was no sneaking out the door to climb trees in the narrow, well-tended backyard, or hanging out her window hollering at the trains steaming into the station two blocks away, or helping Tabby chase rats from the cellar.

It was a day to be quickly forgotten, except for one thing:
On Molly’s 12th birthday, just as evening was starting to turn the sky the exact color pink Molly particularly despised, the emerald train arrived, seemingly out of nowhere.
So Delirium fans you have until July 6th to submit your 200 words to the email address provided above! If you do submit an idea, be sure to let us know, and share with us in the comments, and who knows you could be collaborating on this exciting challenge with Lauren Oliver herself!
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One response to “Lauren Oliver Writing Challenge!

  1. This was my submission.

    The emerald train was a bad sign. One day it would show up, the next, a child disappeared. Everyone knew the disappearances were connected to the emerald train, but no one knew how. Molly had always feared the emerald train. She always wondered, Will it be me they come for next? Her parents always reassured her that she would never be taken, but there was uncertainty in their voices.
    Molly’s mother sat down next to her. “The emerald train is here,” Molly said her voice no more than a whisper.
    “Nobody will take you, Molly,” her mother said softly.
    “How do you know?” Molly asked. Her mother didn’t respond except to send her to bed. Molly climbed the stairs to her room and slipped into a pale blue nightgown. She tried to fall asleep, but she couldn’t. Her eyes kept drifting to the emerald train. It just sat there, almost taunting her. They’re coming, it seemed to say. They’re going to take you.
    Molly rolled over so she couldn’t see the train. Nobody is going to take you, she told herself. She repeated it over and over until she started to believe it.
    That’s when she heard her mother scream

    It was a lot more detailed, but I went 25 words over the limit!

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