Requiem Book Cover Revealed!

Harper Teen has released book cover for Requiem, the third book in the Delirium trilogy!

The cover shows Lena once again, her face in full view, surrounded by red flowers (as compared to blue and orange flowers for the first two books). Take a look!

Lauren Oliver Delirium Requiem Book Cover Harper Teen

Requiem Book Cover


What do you think of the cover? It’s giving us chills! We can’t wait!


One response to “Requiem Book Cover Revealed!

  1. I really liked the first cover of Delirium, but I find this cover more fitting to the story. I don’t know why though. I like the glowiness around the title. Btw, am I the only one who has noticed the reason why they chose this specific colors for the covers of the Delirium trilogy (green, yellow, red)? I think Requiem, as it’s the red one, means RUN. Just saying, maybe I’m wrong. Anyways this cover looks totally awesome, lol.

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