Grace Will Be Back in Requiem!

The biggest question on everyone’s minds after finishing Pandemonium: Will the Portland characters from Deilirium return in Requiem? Well — other than the OBVIOUS question involving a certain love triangle.

Lauren Oliver has given us some pretty strong indication that they will, in that tongue-in-cheek, cryptic (no relation to The Crypts) way she often does. See this question and answer from her Tumblr:

OK, so it’s not OFFICIAL, but we’re reading it that way. Personally, that makes me quite excited! Grace was such an intriguing character, and it will be fascinating to see how Lena’s old world interacts with the new. We even wonder: Would Grace stand in for Blue in Raven’s eyes? (Just a thought!)

You can follow Lauren Oliver’s Tumblr HERE! and her Twitter HERE!


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