37 Brooks Street…

… Is going to be a new feature I am introducing.

37 Brooks Street, as we know in the books was where Alex and Lena escaped to, they dreamed of a life and fantasized of the what if. Which is exactly what we are going to do here.

In the run up to Requiem which is released in March, each month I shall post a new topic of interest. In these topics we shall debate the pros and cons, the likes and dislikes, the yes no, love/hate. The everything you can think of and want to say about this subject, as well as following down the line of the what if? At the end of each month I shall open up a vote on the next months topic, so feel free to suggest topic ideas.

Your input is essential and we all want to hear from you and your thoughts.

In February I shall post your whats if’s, and when we have Requiem here in ours hands we shall see how many of these are correct.

So I am going to open the doors to 37 Brooks Street with this:


Do you like her as a character? Where do you think she will be in Requiem and what role will she have to play? Can you forgive her? You have free rein, there is no right or wrong answer.

I look forward to hearing form all of you.


2 responses to “37 Brooks Street…

  1. No. I can’t ever forgive Hana. She did something that is unforgivable in my book. Since she will be in requiem, I wonder if she’s cured. It says in the synopsis on goodreads that their stories will converge so if she’s cured that will be awkward. But if she isn’t, I wonder if she will come clean or keep hideing it. We will see…

  2. My thoughts on Hana are that she will be back, she will have a role to play I am sure of it. She will confess to Lena about her betrayal, and Lena will take her time to forgive her, May Julian will ask as peace keeper between the two, as I have a hunch that Hana and Julian and going to end up together, they are just a perfect match in my eyes.
    I cannot forgive Hana for what she did. I never warmed to her as a character in Delirium, I always felt like she was a threat to Lena for reasons I could not explain until I read Hana- A Short Story. In Requiem she will have to do something big to earn my forgiveness, as I blame her for the subsequent events which happened in Pandemonium. If she had not turned them in Alex would have escaped with Lena, they would have been in the wilds together, Alex would not have been in the crypts and Julian would not have had a look in. Hana has cause so much damage that I am sure she is not aware of, and I have no doubt that she will feel terrible about it and be regretting her actions, and her decision to stay in society.
    She has been matched and her relationship will be loveless, but we know Hana wants love and has a soft side. She will not be cured, or if a procedure takes place on her I don’t believe it will take. The story needs Hana as the third wheel character, a protagonist whom was once a friend and is striving to regain that.

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