Hello from a New Admin!

Hello, fellow Invalids! Isn’t it great that we can use “invalid” as a compliment?

My name is Anna, and I’m the newest admin here on the Delirium Fandom site! A bit about me: I’m currently studying Secondary Education and English at a university in Minnesota, USA. I’m also writing my own futuristic YA novel! I’m a huge fan of YA books like Delirium (obviously) and if I could sell my soul to get my hands on Requiem right now, well, let’s just say there’d be one less soul around these parts. XD I kid, I kid!

A few of my Delirium trilogy favorites:

Favorite Character: Hana- I know this is controversial, but let me specify: I’m talking about Delirium Hana, not Hana from the short story. In Delirium, Hana was just so full of life, so bold, so confident. If you think about it, Hana was really the first of Oliver’s characters to question the system (“You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes.”) Mad props to her for challenging The System. Yes, what she did in her short story was reprehensible, but I believe she’ll have a chance for redemption in Requiem. We’ll have to wait and see!

Favorite Scene: I really love any scene related to 37 Brooks Street. The good times that Lena, Alex, and Hana had remind me of my own teenage years. And I think it’s absolutely awesome that even though they are right under society’s nose, they still manage to break the rules and have a good time! How cool is that?

Favorite Line: The classic one, of course. You just can’t get any more heartbreaking than “I love you. Remember. They cannot take it.” Swoon!

So, dear readers, what are your favorites from the Delirium trilogy? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to get to know all of you!


5 responses to “Hello from a New Admin!

  1. Favorite character: Alex of course! He’s super hot, super nice super smart, super strong and he’s the best guy anyone could ever ask for!! He taught Lena how to live and love and I am team Alex all the way!!!!!!
    Favorite scene: I actually have 2!!! 1. When they sneak into the wilds and lay in alexs trailer, it made me swoon!! 2. Web they are in 37 brooks aafter Alex rearranged their stuff. I wish I could have my own Alex! And Lena better get hers!!!!
    Faveorite line: may be cliche, but I love u. Remember. They cannot take it. My heart explodes Wen I haer that line!

  2. Hi, iwontstaylong! Looks like we’re new admin buddies 🙂

    Lena: Love, love, love that quote. It has such a nice rhythm to it; sometimes it plays in my head like a song. And Alex is awesome, isn’t he?

  3. Hello Anna! And Welcome! I love that Hana is your favorite character, in Delirium I think she was mine as well, for all the reasons you listed 🙂

    • A fellow Hana lover! Great! Personally I think she’ll make a comeback in Requiem. Why is 2013 so far away?!

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