Delirium Quote – ‘How life works’

Tumblr users continue to flood the social media marketplace with stirring quotes from Delirium. Today, shared a particularly poignant one that we thought was worth sharing:

You know what the funniest thing is about that quote? It applies EXACTLY to how we felt after waiting months for Pandemonium, and it will almost certainly be the same with Requiem. Moral of the story? Treasure the experience of getting to read these great books!


One response to “Delirium Quote – ‘How life works’

  1. except that Alex didn’t come up with that quote. It came from Lena. he was repeating what she was saying in the place where they test you with questions(i forgot what it’s called). i thought it was cute because you could tell he was paying attention to every word that came from Lena. and that he noticed her when she thought he only saw her for a second to wink at her. HOW ADORABLE!

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