A chance meeting

This is a wonderful piece of fan art from ice-ridden on deviantART. This is from the scene in Delirium, where Lena is at work in the store and Hana arrives swiftly followed by Alex.

Lets open up the question, if Hana had not found out about Alex and Lena here, when do you think Lena, if at all would have told Hana and how?


4 responses to “A chance meeting

  1. The fight was never going to last forever. Alex walking in here was both a good and bad thing. It got Lena and Hana speaking again, and Hana for a while became a friend once more and allowed Lena and Alex some time together, but then again if Hana had never found out she could not have told the authority about them, and there may well have been a very different ending. Tricky

  2. Hmm, I want to say she would have told Hana before her planned escape with Alex to the Wilds, but I feel like Lena probably would have told her sooner.

    • I would have to agree with yoy Nataly. Lena would have to tell her friend, and she would never have left without a goodbye. Exciting tales to come from Hana in Requiem I hope 🙂

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