Prisoner 5996

The Crypts ward 6, in solitary confinement, caged a woman! “How many hours did she spend scrabbling along these walls like a rat?”

“So many hours, so many days, looping those same four letters over and over; that strange and terrifying word, the word that committed her here for over ten years.”

“And ultimately, the word that helped her escape. In the lower half of one wall, she has traced the word so many times in such enormous script LOVE, each letter the size of a child- and gouged so deeply into the stone that he O has formed a tunnel, and she had gotten out.”

This womans name is Anabell Gillies Haloway! And she is Lena’s Mother!

With thanks to maidenlimes and akaruri for the art work! Beautiful!


8 responses to “Prisoner 5996

  1. Those are great! I loved Lena’s mom, and was sorry she died. Then I found out she was alive and I was compleatly shocked. Hopefully will be hearing more from her in requim

  2. Good! She was such a strong character I will be glad If Lauren brings her back. Hopeful she will do that for Gracie too. I miss her!

    • I heard a rumour that Grace will be back, if we are going back to see Hana of course Grace must feature, or so I would think. I can imagine Grace would be a bit mad at being left behind, and I was mad at Lena for leaving her behind, that kid needed Lena.
      Lena’s mum is high up in the Resistance and Requiem is set up for the resistance taking shape, she will be there, and hopfully she and Lena can have some sort of realtionship. I picture her giving advice on Alex and Julian. (team Alex!!!) Have to wait and see I suppose 🙂

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