Which requiem is YOUR requiem?

We all know the title of the third book in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium Trilogy is Requiem — so what does requiem mean, exactly? According to dictionary.com:

That seems very appropriate for a dystopian world devoid of love. Requiems have been incredibly significant in music history, with perhaps two of the most famous being Mozart’s Requiem and Brahms’ Requiem. Our challenge to you?

Which of these two Requiems do you think goes better with the Delirium Trilogy?!

Mozart’s Requiem

Brahms’ Requiem

Tell us which one you prefer!


2 responses to “Which requiem is YOUR requiem?

  1. Since I think the title means the death of the cure, I think Brahm’s requim. Mozart’s seems more like one you would play at someone’s funeral. ( like Julian’s)

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