And you should be sorry, Hana.

demonpoxsong has made this image basically summing up all of Hana’s short release:


There are certainly a lot of mixed feelings about Hana. How do you feel about her after reading her story? Do you still love her? Do you hate her? Are you looking forward to her being half of Requiem?


2 responses to “And you should be sorry, Hana.

  1. I hate Hana. In delirium I saw her as Lena’s other half, the fun funky crazy one that pushed her to have a good time. I was sad when they started drifting apart, and happy as the 3 of them started to become a team. When Lena was trapped in her room and she told Hana to put the note in the govener, I thought that was true friendship. I was looking forward to reading Hana and getting things from her POV, and then I read the last page and was shocked. I still can’t believe she did that. Hana can never owe up to what she did. because of her Alex didn’t make it over. If he has made it over, Julian wouldn’t be a problem!!!!! (Alex forever btw I hate Julian) Even though I hate Hanas guts, I’m looking forward to seeing her in requim to see if the cure worked on her (I think it didn’t) and we’ll see if she tells Lena about what she did.

    • She was one of my favorites until I read the end of Hana. I’m so disappointed in her, and I hope she redeems herself somehow in Requiem.

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