Delirium and Pandemonium Quotes: Speculation for Requiem

Hi there! Are you getting excited for Requiem? Do you love pulling books apart to find foreshadowing and deeper meaning? Well, I’ve got a post for you! Below I have compiled some quotes from Delirium and Pandemonium, courtesy of After each quote, I’ve added a bit of my own speculation about what the quote could mean. Please add your thoughts and arguments in the comments!

Case for Lena and Julian

“You came from different starts and you’ll come to different ends.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
Since Lena said this in Delirium, which focused on her relationship with Alex, you could interpret this as a hint that Lena and Alex will go their separate ways at the end.

“The past is nothing but a weight. It will build inside of you like a stone.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
If Lena and Alex’s history is nothing but a weight, is that really something she wants to resurrect? Maybe being with Julian would be easier on her heart.

“That’s when you really lose people, you know.When the pain passes.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
Has Lena already lost Alex, since, believing Alex is dead, she started to love Julian?

“I need him to know that I came for him. I need him to know that somehow, at some point in the tunnels, I began to love him.” -Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver
There is no denying that Lena loves Julian strongly. What we’ll find out in Requiem is which love is stronger: her love for Alex or her love for Julian.

Case for Lena and Alex

“I know that life isn’t life if you just float through it. I know that the whole point- the only point- is to find the things that matter and hold onto them and fight for them and refuse to let them go.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
Despite the turmoil that Lena has been through, if she really loves Alex deep down, perhaps she will refuse to let him go in Delirium and they will end up together.

“And I love you too.” His fingers skate the edge of my jaw, dance briefly
over my lips. “You should know that. You have to know that.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
There is no denying that Lena and Alex’s love was deep and passionate. Will that love prevail in Requiem?

“Everytime he brushes me with his fingers, time seems to tether for a second, like it is in danger of dissolving. The whole world is dissolving, I decide, except for us. Us.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
Even if the revolution fails, and the world does “dissolve” around them, maybe Lena and Alex’s love will hold true in the end.

“You can build a future out of anything. A scrap, a flicker. The desire to go forward, slowly, one foot at a time.”  -Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver
Lena’s future could be built on the scraps of memories that she’s had with Alex.

“I am falling. My ears are full of rushing; I have been sucked into a tunnel, a place of pleasure and chaos. My head is about to explode.” -Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver
It could very well be that the “pleasure” trumps the “chaos” of Alex being alive.

Case for Lena’s Death

“I’d rather die on my own terms than live on theirs. I’d rather die loving Alex than live without him.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
If Lena does choose Julian in the end, perhaps this quote is foreshadowing that she could end up dying before Requiem ends.

“I’d rather die my way than live yours.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
If the revolution fails, and Lena is forced back into the same old Portland, perhaps death would seem like a better option for her than living what she knows to be a lie.

“Love: It will kill you and save you, both” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
Perhaps Lena’s love, and her agony over choosing between two very good men, will indeed kill her in the end, and amor deliria nervosa will actually be a disease after all. (Though I think this is unlikely, we can’t ignore the possibility.)

-emotional or physical paralysis (partial or total)
-death” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
Another hint that death could definitely be a big part of Requiem.

Case for a Revolution

“‎…love will turn the whole world into something greater than itself.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
If Lena’s love prevails, maybe that will be a catalyst for the underground movement and a revolution will actually take place.

“They’ve lied about everything.-about the fence, and the existence of Invalids, about a million other things besides. They told us the raids were carried out for our own protection. They told us the regulators were only interested in keeping the peace.
They told us love was a disease. They told us it would kill us in the end.
For the very first time I realize, that this, too, might also be a lie.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
What else is a lie in Portland and the rest of Lena’s society? Perhaps a bigger secret will lead to a large-scale rebellion.

Case for Hana’s Redemption

“It occurs to me that for a long time she has been doing her own version of resisting.” -Delirium, Lauren Oliver
Since Hana is indeed in a way resisting her society, she could become an asset in the rebellion.

The Ultimate Clue!

“Promise me we’ll stay together, okay?” His eyes are once again the clear blue of a perfectly transparent pool. They are eyes to swim in, to float in, forever. “You and me.”
“I promise,” I say.
Behind us the door creaks open, and I turn around, expecting Raven, just as a voice cuts through the air: “Don’t believe her.” -Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver
What does this mean? We’ll just have to wait for Requiem to find out! Will Lena choose Julian? Alex? Only time will tell. What do you make of this last quote from Pandemonium? Leave your thoughts in the comments 🙂


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