Who Is Your Favorite Character From Delirium?

Happy Thursday everyone!

Let’s get the weekend off to an early start by talking about our favorite characters from Delirium. Who has stolen your heart in the series? Alex? Lena? Raven? Julian? Rachel?

What do you love about them? What do you want the outcome to be for the character in Requiem?

We’re excited to see your responses!


7 responses to “Who Is Your Favorite Character From Delirium?

  1. Julian has stole my heart recently because I”ve just finished Pandemonium. I found his character so interesting. I think the whole relationship with Lena is debatable. A few months ago, I would of said Alex all the way but now I’m not so sure.

  2. Alex, for the non obvious reasons. I love his personality. How he likes to watch fire, and the way he speaks. Also everything he did for Lena. You can tell he really has heart, and I just love him.

      • Not really! He’s been through some hard times, and I’m sure thats affected him, but I don’t think it will change him. I honestly think he is just going to reaffirm my love for him in Requiem!

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