Lauren Oliver Answers Questions

Lauren recently answered a few frequently asked questions on her blog. Bellow are the questions and answers;

Is Delirium a trilogy? Will Requiem be the last or will there be more

Requiem is the last book of the Delirium Trilogy. However, there will be a published volume of all three Delirium Novellas, which are told from the point of view of Hana, Lena’s Mother, and Raven!

Hi Lauren! LOVE your books! I’m like a HUGE fan of the delirium trilogy and Before i fall. Just a question, if you had to choose between Alex and Julian, who would you pick? Meaning who did you enjoy creating more or who’s personality do you see more eye to eye with?

Ok fine! While I love both my guys equally, and I think they’re both pretty great, I think FOR MYSELF I would probably have to pick Julian.

So what do you think about these new revelations? I am team Alex -waves flag- and a published novella of the three other points of view! That I am very much looking forward too!
Let us know your thoughts!


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