Annabel! Your Thoughts!

So as the title says we want to hear your thoughts and opinions on Lauren’s latest instalment in the Delirium saga!

To all who have yet to read this short story I would read no further and also avoid the comment section to avoid spoilers.

So my own view was that yet again Lauren drags us into the story with her beautiful way with words, her ability to create images and to flood us with feelings for her characters. An enigma of a character was given life in these pages, and became one you could not sympathise with and feel for in her plight and fight!

It’s evident that Annabel cares deeply, although some favouritism for Lena over Rachel? Has she lost all hope for Rachel completely?

The point of view from both childhood and adult Annabel was a fascinating insight. It allowed us to see the world as the the cure was being initiated and becoming mandatory for citizens. It also answered that unasked question of Lenas father! How did Annabel meet him? Was he one of her matches. Well we got that answer and much more. Although being greedy I hope there is more to come on that story!

I loved Annabel. Just wish it had been longer!

Over to you!



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