The New Weekly Quiz!

First of all a big thank you to all who have took part in the previous weeks questions! And a big congratulations to Michaela who accumulated the most points and won over all!

So now it’s a new year, so a new quiz! Today starts the new version. Points are all back to zero and we now have an incentive.

Over the duration of this new quiz you will be playing for a prize. At the end of the 6 months, which is 24 weeks, so 24 questions. I shall be offering a prize to the player with the highest score accumulated.

This prize I offer will be a jewellery item of your choice which I shall make from my collection. You can chose anything from necklace, earrings, bracelet, keychain and so on. You can pick colours and charms am of course it will be a reminder and signature of your Delirium fandom love!

So we start from today!
Here’s how the new game works!

Each week I shall post two questions. One hard and one average/easy. You can answer one question.

Only the first answer to the hard question will count and offer twenty points. Any answers after that, from anyone will not count and you can answer the second question, which holds the same points score as before.
So to review;

20points- first person to answer the hard question.
10points- for first easy answer
5points- for second easy answer
1point- for third easy answer.
You may only answer one question.

So with that here is question one;

Who is the Mayors Minister of Information.

What dose DFA stand for?


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