Lauren Answers Fan Questions

Some more Q&A from Lauren.

Do you have any picture references of how you envisioned the Procedure scar looking? Or can you describe it more? 🙂
(Asked by strangely–weird)

I was thinking it would just look like the points of a triangle—like, a small indent or mark where the apexes of a triangle would meet. 🙂 I imagined they would use a prong to stabilize the neck.

Hi! I was wondering if there will be any special edition of Requiem available to purchase?(: im so excited! 49 days!
(Asked by booksarealwaysthere

All REQUIEM hardcovers will come with a short story told from Alex’s POV…so that’s pretty special, right?

The second question reveals that there is a short story from Alex’s point of view. I for one am one excited fangirl!


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