Lauren Share’s Delirium Pilot Thoughts

We have a statement released by Lauren Oliver herself airing her thoughts on the upcoming Delirium TV series.

[quote author=”Lauren Oliver”]Hey all—

Wow! I’m amazed by how many passionate and dedicate fans have reached out to me to express their feelings about the fact that Delirium is being turned into a TV series. I know a lot of you are really disappointed; TV series, unlike movies, take place over many, many seasons, and require an immense amount of plot material—far more than a single book trilogy can provide. This means that as Fox begins to translate and transmute the material, we can expect a lot of changes.

I admit, I was really worried at first.Yes, the TV series will probably change many plot elements of the book. But the truth is, my book, translated 100 percent faithfully, would not MAKE for very good small- (or even big- ) screen entertainment. It is meditative and quiet and fairly slow-moving. Characters critical to the overall series arc don’t appear until Book 3—and some critical characters drop out for all of Book 2. Any intelligent, creative person preparing to launch a series based on Delirium, a series that might potentially last for years on TV, would make changes to the structure of my books, to the romantic entanglements and the pace at which we learn information. I would, if I were a TV writer.

But, of course, I’m not a TV writer. I write books, and Delirium, Pandemonium, and Requiem are my books. They will not vanish from shelves when the TV program is released. They will not spontaneously combust. Their life on the shelves, and in the world, might even be prolonged, meaning that more people will find their way into my world and my words. I’m grateful for this. Authors want their books, like their children, to have very long and happy lives. To make an adaptation of a book, you necessarily have to adapt. This means that the story and the characters might have to change… but also that it helps to change the way that we think about the show. Instead of a xerox copy of the books, where we know everything that will happen, we get to embark on a new exploration of the world and its characters, one that will remain faithful to thespirit and the message of the story.

In the meantime, I’m excited that Fox believes there’s enough interesting material in the world of Delirium to generate a rich, detailed, long-lasting TV program. I have faith that it will be a great show. I hope you will keep the faith with me.


I shall admit that I was also concerned about the adaptations to the book. Of course what Lauren says is true, for a tv series the entire Delirium universe gets to be explored and the stories that we know will be apart of it but we will get to experience the excitement of new ones also.
I had the same fear when Vampire Diaries was made into a tv show and I fell in love with the tv show although it is not solely based on the books. I have an ever optimistic mind that this Delirium tv show will also find the place in my heart and I will love it as I do the books!
Do you have any thoughts on this? We would like to know!


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