New Fan Questions and Answers

Lauren has once again taken to her blog to answer some fan asked questions. Here are the questions asked and Lauren’s responses:

Will you be signing only Requiem or will I be able to bring Delirium too? Also will we be able to buy the special edition requiem or has it got to be ordered somewhere? Oops sorry for so many questions I’m just super excited 🙂

You can of course bring Delirium! Every first edition copy of Requiem will include the Alex short story, so make sure you preorder or get yours quickly! Requiem is available for purchase at every bookstore, and also at online retailers like Amazon.

Lauren are you gonna be involved with the tv adaptation of delirium? I love the series so much you’re an amazing author, please answer! -With love Sara

Hi Sara! I get to read the script and give notes, although most of the creative decisions are out of my hands. I’m super excited, though—I can’t wait to see what the brilliant minds in Hollywood come up with!


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