Delirium Fandom’s Exclusive Requiem Preorder Promotion!

Delirium Fandom is coming soon! To celebrate, the site has teamed up with DELIRIUM trilogy author Lauren Oliver to present a special offer for fans who preorder REQUIEM!

The final book in the trilogy will be released March 5, but if you send a screenshot of your preorder confirmation (we suggest blurring out your payment details) and your address to before March 5, you will receive a signed bookplate from Lauren Oliver!



But that’s not all! One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive a short personal phone call from Lauren! Imagine discussing DELIRIUM and PANDEMONIUM, plus trying to wrangle details about REQUIEM, from the author!

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15 responses to “Delirium Fandom’s Exclusive Requiem Preorder Promotion!

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  3. If we purchase the book through amazon, where the link takes us, do we still get the extra short story about Alex?

    • We can’t give an exact date, as the information on the bookplates will be given to Lauren at the same time that she’s on tour. Lauren will sign at her convenience and from there, the plates will be sent out ASAP!

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  6. Hey! Have all the bookplates been sent out? I have yet to receive mine, its been more than a month? Not rushing, just curious! Thanks!

    • They should have already been sent out to everyone. However, it could be on its way.

      Also, the only reason someone wouldn’t get one is if 1) They sent their entry late or 2) They didn’t send us all the necessary information (either there was no full address or no screenshot) and didn’t respond to our request for more info by that deadline.

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