New Book Cover for ‘Delirium’

It’s not unusual for publishing companies to generate alternate book covers for a book, especially ones that are popular (i.e. Harry Potter), and the Delirium books are no exception to this rule, especially now that a TV series is in the works, and pretty soon people are going to be curious enough to buy them.  So, of course, they’d want to re-imagine the covers, so to speak.  What better way to do so than to depict a scene that isn’t necessarily in the book, but is familiar nonetheless.

[imageframe width=610 height=937 pattern=”1″ align=”left” alt=””][/imageframe]

What do you think of the new ‘Delirium’ cover?  Does it make you swoon for a certain auburn-haired boy?  Whose back would you want to see on the ‘Pandemonium’ cover (as if you don’t know)?

(image source)



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