Delirium Fandom Reviews REQUIEM!

We’ve been lucky enough to receive a copy of REQUIEM straight from Lauren Oliver! While we’re sad to see the story end, we can’t wait to discuss this amazing finale with you. To make sure everyone on the site got their opinions out there, we’ve created several spoiler-free mini reviews, which you can read below!

Adam – Site Owner

In Delirium, we become emotionally immersed in the troubling world of Portland, only to be flung hazardously — but necessarily — over the border fence in Pandemonium, into the unchartered Wilds beyond. Two extraordinary settings, utterly different, experienced by two different, evolving Lenas. But in Requiem, those two settings and character forces join together in a sweeping cyclone of home and roots.

In the process, Lauren Oliver invites us into the ever-expanding structures of her universe, fleshing out the gaps that lie between and piloting us into a well-orchestrated, needle-and-stitch conclusion. At the same time, we are also afforded an entry into Hana’s brain, presenting a whole new perspective on what it means to be cured, what it means to be privileged, and how truly difficult it is to be safe.

Questions we’ve thirsted to ask are revealed in careful drips, smooth and inked dark from Oliver’s eloquent mind. And, of course, Lena is buoyed back and forth between the wondrous boy formerly known as Alex and the ever faithful, devoted Julian. There is plenty of intrigue and Oliver’s usual first-rate penmanship, so enjoy the ride and treasure always your ability to love freely!

Kait – Admin

Warning: Requiem is going to ruin you… but it the absolute best way possible! The final book in the Delirium trilogy is jam-packed with dramatic twists, new dangers, but mostly, it’s all those feelings pouring off the page!

The intertwining narration between Lena and Hana does its a great job of connecting the story back to its beginnings– you can understand even more why Lena and Hana were once best friends after getting inside both their heads– while pushing toward and uncertain future from every angle. For both the cureds and uncureds, the world is changing. Lena and Hana both struggle to fit into the perfect image of their imperfect world at the risk of facing disastrous consequences, making for a compelling compare and contrast session.

One of the many things I love about Lauren Oliver is that she refuses to fall victim to fan service. The tension between Lena, Alex, and Julian is a strong point throughout the book, but it’s not the only point. There are bigger issues that these characters must deal with and the story never once shies away from them. I was a bit restless about the ending at first, but over time I’ve realized it was the only appropriate way to lay to rest such a magnificent, intricate series.

Nat – Admin

I found that I liked this book better than the second book in many ways, because of the switching back and forth between two different timelines in Pandemonium. There is the switching back and forth here, but it’s the same timeframe and it makes for a very interesting set-up in the finale.  It worked for me, especially being able to read through Hana’s thoughts and what was going on with her and how things are not as black and white as the Cureds and DFA supporters would have you believe.

There’s definitely heartache, and I did cry in a couple of scenes, but L.O. tries not to make this book all about Lena, Alex, and Julian.  There is, after all, a war so-to-speak between those in the Wilds and those Cured.  And there are times when you wonder if they’ll really be able to make a difference and change things around for the better for Invalids.  There’s some tense times for Lena as she tries to find some semblance of peace and happiness, and of course, love.  But as with many stories, it isn’t that easy to find those things when there’s so much opposition, not only from forces around you, but also from within.

I didn’t find the book boring, but I do feel that some things could’ve been expanded more, even some parts of Hana’s side.  However, I would say that if you’ve already read the first two books, then there’s no good to come out of not reading this book.

Ellie – Forum Manager / News Poster

I had several predictions as I opened the final book in the Delirium series. While the immediate one came true, it seemed to be the only one for quite a while. I reacted surprisingly violently while reading the book—hitting the couch, throwing blankets, and screaming loudly. In the end, however, I was quite satisfied with what I read.

Most of my predictions came true, but not anything like how I thought they would. The separate-but-colliding storylines was a very nice touch that successfully expanded the world Lauren Oliver created to very different views than we’ve seen in the past. It created a reality we never would have seen otherwise.

My biggest problem with some series is the attempt to wrap everything up perfectly when it just doesn’t seem to fit. Lauren Oliver does not do this: she lines everything up so you can see that it will work out, but she leaves it open to the reader to fill in the specifics. Through the heartbreak and the chaos came a realistically satisfying war love story. It was an inspirational piece.

Jessi – News Poster

Requiem is a very emotional read which made my heart break!  This book is full of heartache and longing and completely stressed me out — all in a good way.   My biggest issue with Pandemonium was that it was missing some of my favorite components of the story.  There was no Alex, no Hana (yes, I really like her) and no Portland.  Requiem made up for that. Interestingly enough, I often found myself more intrigued by the Hana chapters than Lena’s.  Hana’s new life as the soon-to-be wife of Portland’s new Mayor captivated me. Watching her experience darkness and, ultimately, the unknown, for the first time was satisfying and made me like her even more.

As much as I liked Hana’s storyline, I love a good love story and have always been strongly invested in Alex and Lena’s. While I like Julian as a character, I never viewed him as a convincing love interest. Not surprisingly, but sadly, Alex is not the same Alex from Delirium.  Like Lena, he has been through hell and it’s taken its toll on both of them. I’m amazed at how realistically Lauren was able to capture Lena’s emotions during this ordeal.  I was able to put myself in Lena’s shoes and relate to everything she was feeling. This is what made Requiem such a success for me.  Days after I completed it I found I was still in an emotional state, with the smallest things triggering big emotions.

As much as I loved the story, I felt like the ending happened before I was ready for it.  It was an extremely emotional journey that ended too abruptly for me. I like answers and while Lauren does a good job of pointing us in the right direction, I would have liked some more concrete explanations.  That being said, I read Requiem in just under two days, and being the notoriously slow reader that I am, this is a testament to how strongly the story pulled me in.  Even though I didn’t get everything I wanted out of it, I got nearly everything I needed.

Devon – News Poster

Lauren’s writing was a captivating as always, drawing you into the world and painting pictures with words. The choice of some stronger words in this book came a little more uneasy, although they were understandable given the progression of the story into grim fates and twisted plots. It gave a new edge to some beloved characters, and showed how they had changed.

It also came with added bonus of a different narrative, allowing us to see the contrasting sides of the cured world and the free. These interchanging chapters created two stories which eventually crossed paths but gave enough desire in each their own right to continue to read them both with gusto.

Did I get the answers I wanted? Yes I did. Although from the ending it also left me with a huge new list of questions. The ending was left believable, however. It allows us to imagine what happens next. But in my opinion I like things rounded up nicely.  Maybe an epilogue will follow in the future for us to look forward to?


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