First Delirium Cast Photo!

The first read-thru for the Delirium pilot happened on Monday and we have a picture to prove it!

[imageframe width=640 height=480 pattern=”1″ align=”left” alt=””][/imageframe]

From left to right: ¬†Daren Kagasoff (Alex Sheathes), *, Jeanine Mason (Hana Tate), Michael Michele (Senator Elyse Hargrove), Corey Reynolds (Lawrence Tack), Erin Cahill (Lena’s sister), Emma Roberts (Lena Haloway), Billy Campbell (Thomas Fineman), and Gregg Sulkin (Julian Fineman).

A big thanks to Lauren for tweeting this photo! It’s great to see the cast together for the first time!


One response to “First Delirium Cast Photo!

  1. Daren Kagasoff looks really high in that pic..i wonder if he is high from…love! yes i am corny.

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