Lauren Oliver London Event Videos!

On March 19th I was lucky enough to attend the Lauren Oliver book event at the Piccadilly store in London! I was given permission to film the event and here I share it with you all!

To celebrate the UK publication of the final book in the Delirium trilogy Requiem, author Lauren Oliver paid the London Waterstones Piccadilly store a visit to talk about her works and do a book signing.

I spent 9 hours traveling from the green fields and roaring coast of Scotland by my trusty steed called ‘Train’ to the big smoke of London!

Arriving in London, I headed straight over to the Piccadilly Waterstones store, an hour and a half early for the event.

8874_560021177351368_1286134217_nSat before me on the table were the anticipated copies of Requiem. We were two days away from the UK publication of this book and these copies were causing a stir with all the fans arriving and spying them. Slowly, the Delirium fans flooded in and a line was forming. The babble of excited conversations flooded the room, and I found myself eavesdropping on a number of them.

Many were speculating on the ending of Requiem. I kept my mouth shut, having read it, but couldn’t help but smile at some of the ideas fans were coming out with.

Over the next hour the table of books cleared and the time for us to take our seats arrived. We were ushered in and I took my seat in the front row. Armed with my trusty camera I sat and filmed the event, which you can watch in two parts here!


In Part 1 Lauren discusses her path to become a writer as well as her previous published works.

In part 2, Lauren reads an excerpt from Requiem before moving onto answer fan questions from the audience.


599724_362505710529300_148348122_nSadly, it had to come to an end, and Lauren proceeded to sign books and have photos taken with fans. I had taken my trilogy of books with me along with The Delirium Short Stories and Lauren was kind enough to dedicate and sign all my copies.





Finally, I had my photo taken with Lauren to end the trip. They say you should never meet the people you idealise, for the fear that they not live up to your expectations. Not only did Lauren not disappoint me, she surpassed all expectations I had. She was kind and with a quick wit which she showed during her talk. She had nothing but kind words for me and if given the opportunity I would travel again to see her.

Thanks for visiting Lauren and come back soon!



If you visited Lauren on tour and had your photo taken with her, mail us here on and we shall display your photo in our gallery!


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