Lauren Oliver Discusses Requiem With We Love This Book

We Love This Book sat down with Lauren to talk about Requeim and who she would choose — Alex or Julian!

Interview excerpt from We Love This Book:

The first book in the trilogy, Delirium, starts with Lena falling in love with an outsider called Alex. In book two, Pandemonium, everything changes and she meets Julian. In Requiem, Lena must choose between the two. Who would you choose – Julian or Alex?

I’m not going to say, no way. It’s funny, people have interpreted the end of Requiem differently, and there is a lot of ambiguity there. And that was always my intention. I had the last paragraph written even before I started the second book. A big theme in this book is the fact that you can’t just choose something and that’s it, you’ll be happy forever. You have to constantly undergo this process of choosing over and over again. Alex is the person who first showed Lena what love was and Julian’s the person with whom she served that mentor role, she was the strong one that knew about love; he also made it safe for her to love again. So I think both of those people serve really important roles in her life. It’s funny when some of my fans got really irate that Lena had met Julian, I said: “the truth is, when you loose people in your life, your heart does recover and you do find love again and that’s a beautiful thing.”

The complete interview can be found here.



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