Sugar Scape Interview With Lauren Oliver

SugarScape sat down for a chat
with Lauren Oliver about dystopia, love triangles and the upcoming TV adaptation that stars Emma Roberts.

Sugar Scape feature a video interview with Lauren Oliver and say this about it;

If you’re as much of a fan of the trilogy as we are, you probably had your face pressed up against the glass of your local bookshop as soon as you heard Requiem was coming out, but now that the final reckoning has come for Lena, who will she choose? Will it be the sensible, sensitive Julian or first love Alex?

With so many questions needing answering, we cornered lovely author Lauren for a chat: to find out just who she’d pick if she was Lena, to give her a grilling about the Delirium TV show and also about the movie being made about another of her books, Before I Fall.

That’s before we even get into discussing the hot boys that have been cast…

Watch this video with Lauren here



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