Ben Falk Interview with Lauren Oliver

Journalist Ben Falk recently published his interview with Lauren Oliver via Huff Post Entertainment

Huff Post Entertainment feature the interview in which Lauren is asked about her Delirium trilogy without revealing any spoilers for those who have yet to read Requiem.
Within the interview Lauren also answers questions on her stand alone novel Before I Fall, The Delirium TV series and Fifty shades of Grey!

Be sure to check the full interview out here!

Here is a taster in the mean time;

You also do something quite radical writing-wise by having the book told in alternating viewpoints between Lena and a cured Hana. Why?

I never intended that. But then I was writing Requiem and it was not working for me. And I realised so much of the book is founded on the fear of the Cure and we’ve never seen the Cure from anybody’s perspective except those who are resistant to it. I knew we’d have to go back to Portland. And being able to see Portland and see some of the characters from Delirium not just as a footnote at the end of the book was really important.



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