Another “Delirium” Twitter Campaign

Our lead fangirl, Mel (@JuustMel) has come up with another amazing Twitter-based campaign to spread the Deliria!

Through the last two campaigns led by Mel, a seventeen year old invalid from Mexico, invalids and cureds alike have taken to Twitter in strong attempts to get Fox TV to notice the “Delirium” fandom, and they have been successful! It is clear that Fox knows how serious we are in wanting to see the pilot picked up, but now Mel is proposing one more step.

She wants to show them WHY.

Mel wants to create a video comprised of “Delirium” fans from all over the world. She’s looking for people to send her 10-second video clips on any one of the following topics:

1) Why do you want “Delirium” to be picked up by Fox?

2) What’s the best thing about “Delirium”?

3) Why do you love “Delirium”?

4) Which team are you (Alex vs. Julien)?

5) Something you would like to say to Lauren about “Delirium”.

Mel would like the videos sent to her email address anytime before Friday, April 19th, since she plans to post the video on Saturday, April 20th.

But what would a Mel-sparked event be without a Twitter element? After the video is posted, of course, there will be another mass-tweet to @FOXTV.

All the information on the video, contributions, and the tweet times for your timezone can be found on Mel’s TwitLonger page.

Be sure to get your videos in to Mel by Friday! You certainly don’t want to be left out of this awesome project!


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