Bookaholic-ness Interview With Lauren Oliver

Bookaholic-ness publishes a short interview with author Lauren Oliver.

In this short interview Lauren discusses the Delirium Series as well as Before I Fall. It also discusses Lauren’s writing style, the TV show and her upcoming projects.

Here is a snippet of the interview:

Are you and Lena, Delirium’s main character, alike in any way?

We are actually quite different superficially. She is very shy and obedient; I am neither of those things. But I share many of her fears and anxieties and insecurities, for sure. As an author, you need to relate to your main characters.

Do you have any idea when the first episode of the Delirium TV show is going to be released?

I’m not sure, but everything goes up on my blog as soon as I know!

How long did it take to write the entire Delirium Trilogy?

Each book took about eight months to write, so about three years all told! 

The full interview can be read here.


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