Delirium on Crushable’s Most Promising Pilots List

Crushable has compiled a list of the 5 Most Promising Pilots for the 2013 fall television season and Delirium made the cut!

Here’s what Crushable had to say about the series:

Delirium (FOX): Sci-fi is the genre du jour on television these days, so it takes a good premise to save a series. This show sounds really interesting. It’s based on a Young Adult book series, which is a big trend in movies but not necessarily on TV. A dystopian society has outlawed love and prevents people from feeling it through a procedure. Emma Roberts’ character gets all lovey-dovey a few months before her appointment. Uh oh. Combining human emotions with sci-fi elements is always fascinating. The plot reminds me of a great indie film called TiMER, in which characters have built-in timers counting down to when they meet their soulmates.

There’s a lot of different shows up for consideration this Fall, so it’s great to see Delirium getting some recognition among the growing pack!

Crushable also gave shout-outs to Pulling, Super Fun Night, I Suck at Girls and The Sixth Gun.


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