Emma Roberts talks Delirium

Emma Roberts recently discussed Delirium with our friend Natalie Zutter for Tor.com!

While at the Tribeca Film Festival, Emma explained why so finds the story behind Delirium so appealing:

“We definitely played it more real, which is why it came across almost creepier—it was like, our world today, but turned upside-down. I liked that it wasn’t ethereal, and it wasn’t about magic. It’s more just about, ’What if our world was like this?’ That to me is really cool—when you take the modern world and add a twist to it, like how people would react to that twist.

“In the show, when you turn 18, you get ‘cured’ of the delirium, which is love. Your whole life is run by the government, basically. My character ends up falling in love and runs off to start a rebellion. The writer, Karyn Usher, wrote Prison Break, so she made it much more action-y and much more mature. So I think that it all has a really wide audience.”

And why Lena is an amazing role:

“I think it’s fun, as a young woman, to get to play characters that are searching for something, whether it’s their identity, or looking for love, or trying to find something they’re passionate about. I’m 22, so I’m still kind of figuring myself out in some ways and finding new things everyday that are interesting and cool.”

You can read the full interview with Emma at Tor.com


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