Lauren Oliver on Requiem, Happy Endings, and Young Adults

Lauren Oliver did a beautiful, honest interview with The Independent in which she discusses the Delirium trilogy, her hopes for American teens, and the painful moments in her life that influenced her writing.

Here are some highlights!

On Requiem and the lack of happy endings:
“It’s a coming-of-age story. Part of what adults have to live with is ambiguity. It’s not like you make a choice and find happiness hiding behind one of three doors looking like Kim Kardashian. You have to choose what you want every day. There is no one point at which you get your happy ending.”

On Lena and Annabel’s relationship:

“That theme of betrayal reflected the fact that a person I dated for four years and was engaged to died at 29 due to substance abuse issues. I only realised it in retrospect, but I think Lena’s agonising about her mother reflected my own feelings – why wasn’t I good enough to stay alive for?”

On young adults in America:
“The good news is that teenagers agree on the most divisive issues in America: 75 per cent of young people support gay marriage. There is definitely the sense that future generations can heal the rift in the US.” She says much the same about their attitude to literature. “I have never met a teenager – and I probably meet 5,000 a year – who prefers ebooks to real books. Their parents like ebooks. Teens like to own a book and have it on their shelves.”

Read the full interview here!


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