Introducing Requiem Endings!

We all love the Delirium trilogy so much that when Requiem ended, we wanted MORE! Lauren Oliver got her start in writing with fan fiction “sequels” to her favorite books, so she very purposefully left the story open-ended so fans could interpret the end on our own. Some of us have found that easy to do, others not so much!

Click under the cut to see how we’re coming together as a fandom to work out our Requiem feels!

There’s a lot of questions:
What happened to our favorite Delirium characters?
Where do their loyalties lie?
What happened to Portland?
Will love ultimately save the day and the save the country?


In conjunction with Lauren Oliver and her team, Delirium Fandom created REQUIEM ENDINGS, where fans can submit their continued ending to the Delirium trilogy! Send us your fan fiction, graphics, photos, or videos depicting what YOU think happened in the world of Delirium after Requiem’s final page! All theories and plot lines are welcome.


Just a few general rules:
1) All entries will be read by an admin before getting approved.
2) Any submissions meant to degrade or put down others’ ideas will not be approved.
3) Keep it PG-13!

We know that the Delirium fandom to creative to the max and we are SO EXCITED to see what you guys come up with!


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