Nominate Delirium for Hypable’s Battleships – Books Edition

Is Delirium ready to take on another great battle of the fandoms, especially one that pits our favorite book couples against one another? If you think so, here’s an opportunity to get Delirium in the running for the Books Edition of BattleShips over at Hypable!

Tell Hypable that the couples in Delirium are some of your favorites in literature by going to the Battleships Books Edition nomination page and voting up the existing comment left by a fan by the name of Simon, which originally nominated the series for inclusion. It’s currently about 15 comments down the page, the ninth nomination listed! The more a title is “Voted Up” in the comments, the more likely it is to be included in BattleShips!

Remember, making a second comment will not increase Delirium’s chances! Please hit the up arrow below Simon’s existing comment!

If Delirium is included in the competition, we’ll be sure to tell you when to vote!


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