How Bad is Your Deliria quiz

There are many wonderful things to take from Lauren Oliver’s brilliant Delirium series, but on a personal level, perhaps the biggest question is: Do I have the deliria? Well, with the help of Lauren herself and several people on our staff, we’ve come up with a fun, silly way for you to determine that!

This quiz centers on two questions. 1) How bad is your deliria? and 2) Does your love interest REALLY love you back? We encourage you to have as much fun as possible with this! The quiz will ask you to put in your own name and your love interest’s name. Your love interest can be your current boyfriend/girlfriend, or maybe that boy you’ve been secretly admiring in algebra class, or — and we recommend this for fun — a famous fictional character, like Ron Weasley or The Doctor!

We wish you the best of luck, and we ask that you please SPREAD THE DELIRIA by posting your personalized cards everywhere (you get them at the end!) and getting as many friends as possible to take the quiz.

Click here to play. Good luck!



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