Kiera Cass Announces New Books in THE SELECTION Series #MoreSelection

Over the course of one seriously exciting day, fans of THE SELECTION series got tons of thrilling new treats from!
First, fans unlocked the first three chapters of the new SELECTION novella, THE QUEEN.


Then they unlocked an exclusive bonus epilogue from THE ONE.


Finally, Epic Reads presented fans with a video from author Kiera Cass featuring a very big announcement!

That’s right! We’re getting two more books in THE SELECTION series, the first of which will be out next summer and will be called THE HEIR.


THE HEIR won’t be out until May 2015, but you can pre-order it now!

Kiera teased that the story will be from a different perspective. From the tease, it looks like it could be from the perspective of America and Maxon’s future children (but that’s just our speculation!)

On top of that, we’ll also be getting a new novella about Marlee, which will be later released in book form along with THE QUEEN, much like THE SELECTION STORIES featured Maxon and Aspen’s novellas, THE PRINCE and THE GUARD.


2 responses to “Kiera Cass Announces New Books in THE SELECTION Series #MoreSelection

  1. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I re-read them at least once a month, one book a night. When I found out The Heir was coming out along with another book I was fangirling all over the place. I couldn’t control myself my mom walked in on me in my room and I froze and said ‘No knock? No privacy?’ She was like ‘You and your Fandoms I will never understand.’ When I met with my friend she was like ‘Dude The Heir is coming out in May! They’re gonna have a kid!’ And I was like ‘Amen.’

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