John Green Reveals Who Wrote an Excerpt of AN IMPERIAL AFFLICTION for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Movie

Ever since THE FAULT IN OUR STARS was released on Digital HD and can now be handily screencapped, everyone’s been asking who wrote the excerpt of Peter Van Houten’s AN IMPERIAL AFFLICTION shown in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS movie. See below:


On his Tumblr, John Green confirmed that he crafted the pages himself!

I did. Executive producer Isaac Klausner asked me to write four pages (the two you see here and the final two pages of the book) for the movie edition of An Imperial Affliction, so I did. In this passage, Anna is recalling intense pain breaking through her high doses of narcotic pain medication.

The book that Hazel reads in the movie is just the four pages I wrote printed over and over again hundreds of times. I have a copy of it in my house; it’s my only souvenir from the movie set.


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