Leigh Bardugo Releases New Snippet from THE DREGS

Leigh Bardugo released the first excerpt from her upcoming fantasy duology, THE DREGS, which takes place in the same universe as The GRISHA trilogy on the small island nation of Kerch.


While introducing the scene, Leigh also gave us the details on a new character!

This is a quick exchange between Kaz and Inej. I’ve talked a bit about Kaz before—gangleader, thief, thug. As for Inej, I’m really looking forward to introducing you to her. She’s a Suli acrobat known as the Wraith and the closest thing Kaz has to a confidante—though they don’t often see eye to eye. She also likes to name her knives.

Ready for the excerpt?

“Greed is your god, Kaz.”

He almost laughed at that. “No, Inej. Greed bows to me. It is my servant and my lever.”

“And what god do you serve, then?”

“Whichever will grant me good fortune.”

“I don’t think gods work that way.”

This time he did laugh. “I don’t think I care.”

Leigh Bardugo shared an image from her inspiration board for the books. And it’s really nice to look at!




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