SUPERNATURAL Season 10 Photos from Premiere Episode, “Black”

I guess we won’t have to wait until the 200th episode of Supernatural to get at least a little bit of musical-ish singing, as it looks like the “Year of the Deanmon” will have Demon Dean (Jensen Ackles) singing his evil little heart out at a karaoke bar sometime during the episode.

Yep, Deanmon is just about as dorky as he is evil from the promo that we’ve shown.  And he sounds about as bad as any drunken fool with a mic.  Still, it’s Dean Winchester, and we can’t help but watch sink deeper and deeper into evilness, with Crowley nonetheless!

Of course, it’s not just Dean’s show as we see pictures of Sam (Jared Padalecki) having to deal with some other hunter named Cole (Travis Aaron Wade), who’s set to kill Dean.  All the while sporting an injury by way of a sling (maybe in a fight with Cole?) as he’s trying to find a way to get Dean back his humanity.

It certainly doesn’t sound like Supernatural is showing signs of aging all that much in Season 10, and we are certainly looking forward to it.

via IGN.


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