First Look: Charlie Cox as DAREDEVIL, Rosario Dawson Role Revealed

Marvel revealed the first look at Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock / Daredevil while promoting the Netflix series at New York Comic Con this weekend, along with showing off new scenes and giving new details.

The series find its roots in Frank Miller and John Romita Jr’s A MAN WITHOUT FEAR series, perhaps the most beloved DAREDEVIL story line of all time. Even the costume featured in the DAREDEVIL series is based off Miller and Romita’s design. Check it out!



The DAREDEVIL panel also revealed that Rosario Dawson will not be playing Elektra, as originally suspected by many fans (ourselves included). She will be Claire Temple, the ex-wife of Goliath and future love interest of Luke Cage, for whom Netflix is also developing a series. Claire will likely serve as the connection between the two.

We’ll have a full report from the panel coming at you soon! Stay tuned!



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